At Year 2012, i had adopted a SCOBY and start the brewing journey, that’s how the story goes. I started to brew Kombucha since 2012 until now. Kombucha has ancient Asian origins dating back 2000 years. Since then, it has been passed around the globe from culture providing healthy refreshment wherever it goes.

Wow! The SCOBY i adopted has a origins dating back 2000 years. That is so amazing. We are so bless to have the chance to drink these unique delicious ancient elixir. This potent ferment is recognized worldwide for its detoxifying, energizing and overall health-supportive properties. Drink it in the morning for a healthy pick-me-up. Drink it in the afternoon to give your workout a boost. Drink it in the evening as a detoxifying cocktail mixer.

Kombucha heal my digestive system that trouble me for years. I am a active amateur runner, i schedule my training 5 to 6 days per week. With a casual running distance of more than 200 km per month, Kombucha helps to replenish my energy after every workout. I love to have my Kombucha green smoothies every morning as the start of my day.

Probiotics are beneficial live microorganisms that are found in fermented foods like Kombucha. When consumed, these probiotics work to support the health of the digestive, immune, and energy systems in the body. In the digestive system, probiotics help to maintain a healthy balance of gut bacteria, which can improve nutrient absorption and promote regularity. In the immune system, probiotics can help to stimulate the production of antibodies and reduce inflammation. As for the energy system, Kombucha’s probiotics may help to support a healthy metabolism and energy levels by optimizing nutrient absorption and maintaining a healthy gut-brain axis. By keeping these systems in balance, Kombucha’s probiotics can help to keep the body in optimal health.

Mastering the fermentation process of Kombucha can take years of experimentation, trial, and error. Fermenting Kombucha involves creating the ideal environment for the SCOBY to thrive, which includes a balance of temperature, acidity, and oxygen levels. These factors can vary depending on factors such as the type of tea used, the brewing vessel, and the ambient temperature. Achieving a consistently high-quality brew requires a deep understanding of how these factors interact and how to adjust them as needed. Through trial and error, we have learn how to perfect our Kombucha recipe to produce a delicious and healthy drink.