Welcome to MSC Kombucha

MSC Kombucha is made in Malaysia from Penang.
We supports local organic farmers on the fresh ingredients which we believe to promote a more sustainable environment. In conjunction with Penang State Government’s campaign Cleaner, Greener Penang; we choose the best quality of glass bottle and encourage our consumers to recycle the bottle.

Our mission is to promote a fizzy drink with less sugar; and to create an alternative choice over soft drink and alcohol. A healthy gut will bring a lot’s of opportunity and chances for oneself – to become better. We will continue to brew the Best Kombucha in Malaysia.

Hope you enjoy drinking our Kombucha.

Our Kombucha is available for Home Delivery now! You can now purchase our Kombucha online and we will deliver to your doorstep throughout the whole Malaysia.

We are expanding our retailers. Please contact us if you with to join us.

  • 韓最新研究 腸道益菌可抗冠病
    南韓首爾延世大學研究顯示,人類腸道某些共生菌可產生抑制新冠病毒化合物,如先前就被證明出可抑制其他有害細菌的“雙歧桿菌”(Bifidobacteria)。 為研究這一假設,研究人員篩選了棲息在腸道中的益生菌,然後與新冠病毒放在一起,結果研究表明,著名的雙歧桿菌(也稱比菲德氏菌、B菌),以前就已被證明可以抑制其他有害細菌,比如幽門螺桿菌。如今它也扮演了阻止新冠病毒入侵腸道的守門員。